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Flex programs now ONLINE!

Memory Quest FlexMemory Quest and Number Quest are now available online for Windows, Mac and tablets including iPad and Android.

School licences allow students to train at home, too, and there is a new option for individual training.

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NewApple iOS apps

Many favourite programs are now available as apps for Apple iOS on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Apps for cause and effect, early learning, problem solving, maths, literacy and creativity...


Ginger Tiger

Ginger Tiger
A huge online special needs activity resource packed with hundreds of games, exercises and open-ended fun activities.

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Game Bundles to download

Timing Games BundlesTwo new game bundles are available for immediate purchase and download, collecting together our incredibly popular online games, now available as offline desktop versions.

Our Cause and Effect Games Bundle has eight games, and our Timing Games Bundle has four.

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Shiny Learning provides educational software that includes learners with special needs. Our programs encompass maths, literacy, cause and effect, memory training, switch skills, timing games and visual and aural perception. Our software is used by people of all ages within a wide range of settings including pre-schools, special schools, main-stream schools and the home learning environment. More about Shiny Learning and what we do...