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All these games and demos can be played with a switch, the mouse, the keyboard or a touch screen/interactive whiteboard unless otherwise stated.
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Timing Games bundleGame Bundles

The desktop download versions of the games below can now be bought in bundles, saving you between 10 and 15% on buying the games individually.

Cause and Effect Bundle

Timing Games Bundle


Play Fireworks

One switch fireworks - switch, mouse or keyboard.

Crazy Chicken

Play Crazy Chicken

One switch timing game - switch, mouse or keyboard.

Christmas Singing Sheep

Play singing sheep

Click on the sheep to make them sing - or to make them stop them again!

Press to Reveal! - Christmas - DEMO

Press to Reveal! - Christmas - Demo

Press from 1 to 5 times to reveal a Christmas animation with music.

Press to Zoom! - Things That Fly - DEMO

Press to Zoom! - Things That Fly - Demo

Press to make a picture zoom across the screen.

Press to Zoom! - Bright Shapes - DEMO

Press to Zoom! - Bright Shapes - Demo

Press to make a bright shape zoom across the screen.

Press to Move

Press to Move

Press and hold to move a picture across the screen. Four directions to choose from.

Mouse Follower

Mouse Follower

Move the mouse pointer to move a shape, make a pattern and hear music. Designed to encourage mouse/tracker ball/joystick movement.

Balloon Bang!

Balloon Bang

Press and hold to inflate the balloon. How close can you get to the pin before the balloon bursts? Great as a game of dare for two players!

Fly Swatter

Fly Swatter

Press to swat or stun the fly when it's on target.

Blast the Pirate Ship!

Blast the Pirate Ship

Press to blast the cannon when the pirate ship is on target.Collect up to five doubloons to sink the ship and win the treasure.

Car Crusher

Car Crusher

A three-stage timing game. Press to crush the cars, splat them with hammers and drop them into a skip. Collect up to eight cogs to recycle the cars into an Astro Car!

Move the Mouse
Video DEMO
Move the Mouse Video demo

Five activities to encourage moving the mouse.


Copyright information

Please play these online games as much as you like - that's why we wrote them! All games, images, original sounds and music are Copyright © Shiny Learning, Helen Melhuish. Please do not link to the games themselves or distribute them in any way without talking to us first. Thank you. Special thanks and credit to JIM, HMM and SJM for sound effects, music, inspiration and testing.

Technical information

To play these games you need the Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. The stand-alone Windows games will install the player for you if needed.

If you are playing in a browser and a game appears not to respond to switch or key presses make sure the game has the input focus - in other words, click on it.

[This IE8 "feature" has been fixed - 29/11/09] Internet Explorer 8 - if you are playing in Internet Explorer8 and the game appears tiny, go to Tools and select Compatibility View.